Rainbow Ridge Update

Work continues on the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge as it evolves alongside the progress at Circle D Ranch. The mainline through town has been ballasted with chick-grit, ground cover has begun to be added in the form of real dirt, and a wood plank grade crossing has been installed next to the depot. The depot itself has been refreshed with new "Rainbow Ridge" signs, and the water tank from Hanging Rock has been relocated here since I felt it better fit this scene. Hanging rock will be getting a new (read: old and worn out) water tank of its own in the not too distant future.

A Quick Stop at Rainbow Ridge

Arriving from Los Feliz Junction through Tunnel #1, an ore train makes a quick stop at Rainbow Ridge to pick up new orders before heading on to Thunder Mesa.

The Problem with Facebook
This post is part of an ongoing attempt to relocate material from Facebook to this website. Unfortunately, Facebook continues to engage in a wide variety of highly unethical practices which I have no desire to support. If you are a fan of my art and/or modeling, please follow them here. I will be posting much more here in the days and weeks ahead, and much, much less on Facebook. Registered users can leave questions and comments on posts so please, join in the conversation!

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6 thoughts on “Rainbow Ridge Update

  1. Dave, I find you modeling and other work highly inspirational. I look forward to the Blog, even if my FB dims .


  2. I understand your feelings about Facebook. And a blog can provide a much nicer presentation. The problem is Facebook is a convenient place for me to see all of my interests aggregated in one place. I do have a blog aggregator with your page feed among others but I am pretty lazy about launching it and keeping up with it. I hope you will continue to post links to your blog updates on Facebook so I will know when they come out. I don’t think I have ever missed any of your Facebook posts by the way.

    1. Thanks Jeff, I get it. My plan is to continue posting links to this content on Facebook, just making the blog the priority for all new content rather than FB.

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