About the Artist

D.L. Meek is a compulsively creative fellow who paints, draws, designs, and builds miniatures.  A professional artist for over 40 years and a lifelong freelancer, he's always after that clever twist or new angle that will make a piece memorable.

Entertainment and visual storytelling are Dave's main areas of interest, and he's most at home when creating immersive, character rich worlds. In college, aside from studying the great masters of the Renaissance, Dave also studied the great masters of hand drawn animation at Disney and Warner Bros. To this day, he attributes his warped sense of humor to watching too many Chuck Jones cartoons. After school, when a career in animation did not materialize, he found different opportunities as an illustrator and concept artist, working in the Bay Area for the fledgling Courtney Davis licensing agency. This led to a long and diverse freelance career spanning projects from licensing and publishing to marketing and product development.

As a one man shop, Dave has always had to hustle, and that has led to a certain entrepreneurial bent where his art is concerned. Necessarily, that has also led to a broad toolkit of specialized skills, including copy writing, photography, web design, graphic design, and rapid visualization using a variety of digital platforms. Still, his preferred method of expression remains pencil and paper, and his favorite painting medium is good old fashioned watercolor.

Dave's artistic sensibilities have led some to accuse him of being from Disney, a misconception he attributes to having grown up with Uncle Walt on TV and with Disneyland itself, shimmering like a magical Neverland just up the road from his boyhood home. Though his career has crossed paths with Disney on a several occasions, he has always remained an independent freelancer.

Beyond illustration and design, Dave also writes, juggles, does card tricks, and plays ukulele and guitar (though not all at once). He is a voracious reader and loves to travel and explore. He has a particular fondness for the 4-corners region and canyonlands of the American Southwest and has spent many memorable hours tramping through the backcountry there. With the loving support of his family, Dave lives and works in Arizona's beautiful Verde Valley.

Dave can be contacted via email here.