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A Themed Experience

Please note: Thunder Mesa Studio is a private art space. It is only open for public visits on scheduled Open Studio Days. Please see the event listings for details.

The Thunder Mesa Mining Company strives to be more than just a model railroad. The goal is to create an immersive themed experience that combines the movement of trains with lighting effects, animation, and sound, that can transport the guest to another time and place. While still a work in progress, setting up and operating this show takes a little time and preparation. For this reason, just "popping in" to the studio for a visit is not an option.  The best way to experience the layout is during our monthly Open Studio Days or other public events.

Thunder Mesa Studio is located at the Old Jerome High School Art Center in historic Jerome, Arizona.

Fall 2023 Schedule

Thunder Mesa Studio

Building A, Room 204-A

885 Hampshire Ave
Jerome, AZ 86331