Rainbow Ridge Clarion

The first structure built for the new town of Rainbow Ridge was the Clarion newspaper office. My pal and business partner Jake Johnson had some of the pieces laser cut based on my plans and that made construction of the fancy false front much easier. I did my best to match the colors and signs based upon photos from 1960's Disneyland, and the upper section of the false front is made from layered paper, with realistic printed wood textures and the graphics recreated in Photoshop.

Since the structure is designed to sit up against the backdrop, it's only about an inch deep. However, I did install LED lighting and hinted at some interior details. The window curtains are made from unpainted HO scale paper corrugated roofing material, and the curtain rods are dress pins. The front porch is painted and textured illustration board, and the roof was shingled with Crescent Creek Models paper shingles.

Fun fact, this building from Rainbow Ridge still survives at Disneyland (or at least a very close facsimile of it does) as the Gold Nugget Dance Hall above the Big Thunder queue.

Follow along with the photos to see how it all went together.

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  1. Thanks for doing all these Dave, they’ll be a great help as I get started on my layout. Oh and by the way, you are one mighty talented fella!

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