Future Plans for the Thunder Mesa Model Railroad


Howdy folks! Join me more a look behind the scenes at future plans and coming attractions for the Thunder Mesa model railroad. Get some insights into the process as I design an entire new section for the flooded town of Tumbleweed Junction, and reveal plans for an exciting new structure project that will really plus the show!

Thanks for watching, amigos!

5 thoughts on “Future Plans for the Thunder Mesa Model Railroad

  1. Dave the haunted manor is a great idea, especially with the ghost effects. May I suggest an idea for when you finish your extension. Do a Discovery Bay inspired section with a Nautilus docked by Harper Goff inspired buildings. With your creativity and talent I think it would blend with the layout well. And the original idea for it at Disney land it was supposed to be nestled right behind Big Thunder so it would be keeping with the theme. Also off topic a little bit was that a phaser II in the gun collection on the wall behind you?

  2. Dave, great plan !! Did you think about connecting the Grizley Flats RR to your staging area via underground mine area or would that compromise the view to much ? Thank you Jon Singleton

    1. I did consider it briefly, but it would cause way too much disruption to the existing layout.

  3. Mayby a look at some britsch layout, they work a lot with fiddle yards, etc, That way you could get staging for two/three trains.

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