Welcome to Circle D Ranch

I've been in the mood for a change of scenery lately, so over the weekend I decided to move Calico Mountain a little farther down the line. That opened up this corner of the layout for a small ranch scene - something that's been missing on the layout up until now. Southern Utah has many little ranches and old family homesteads tucked back up in box canyons and that provided some inspiration for this new scene. There will be a log cabin, a corral and a permanent home for my model of Walt's Barn. Inspiration also comes from the now defunct Big Thunder Ranch and the area will take its name from the home for Disneyland's horses: Circle D Ranch. This is the rough Sculptamold phase here and I hope to get some paint on this tomorrow.

The Problem with Facebook
This post is part of an ongoing attempt to relocate material from Facebook to this website. Unfortunately, Facebook continues to engage in a wide variety of highly unethical practices which I have no desire to support. If you are a fan of my art and/or modeling, please follow them here. I will be posting much more here in the days and weeks ahead, and much, much less on Facebook. Registered users can leave questions and comments on posts so please, join in the conversation!

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