New “How To” Video Series Launches with Scenery Building Techniques

Since I'm often asked about the scenery and structure techniques used on the Thunder Mesa Ming Company and other projects, I've decided to produce a new series of YouTube videos with a step-by-step, "how-to" focus. Welcome to the first two videos in that new series, "How To #1: How to Build Scenery with EPF and Sculptamold" and "How To #2: How to Paint Rockwork and Add Ground Cover."  These video brings together both new and existing footage to show scenery building and finishing techniques, and to answer the most common questions about how things are done on the On30 Thunder Mesa Mining Company layout. There are several more "How To" videos in this series on the way so don't forget to subscribe on YouTube. Thanks for watching!


3 thoughts on “New “How To” Video Series Launches with Scenery Building Techniques

  1. Buenos Dias Dave –
    I am just wanted to let you know that I have stumbled on your website with your Model Train Layout totally by accident. And wanted to let you know I am so glad that I have done so. Because, it been a great joy,, reading and watching your video’s that you have done. Plus, you have re-kindled the Model Train bug inside to build that layout.

    But,, I wanted reach out to you and ask If I was going to use your free items for using the structure’s that you have,, but I how would I change those structures to make them 1:87 HO Scale.. That’s the scale I would like to model…


    1. Hi Terry, Thanks for the kind comments about my work – and welcome back to the hobby! To change O scale plans to HO, simply have them reduced by .551%. 1′ in 1:48 scale = 0.551′ in 1:87.

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