The Creative World of D.L. Meek

What do you get when you mix the wild frontier, a love of trains and roadside America, a blast of Steampunk, a touch of whimsy, a sprinkling of magic, castles, dragons, and pirates, a few ray guns and rocket ships, and then top it all off with a large dollop of humor? You get the creative world of D.L. Meek at Thunder Mesa Studio.

D.L. Meek (or just "Dave" to most), is an artist, designer, and creator of immersive miniature worlds. He describes himself variously as a storyteller, a visual entertainer, a freelance imagineer, and, with tongue firmly in cheek, as a "normative direction temporal explorer." View Dave's complete bio here.

Building upon a long career in the commercial arts, Dave now brings his varied talents and interests together in a single showcase at Thunder Mesa Studio. Located in the historic old mining town of Jerome, Arizona, this working artist's studio is home to the celebrated Thunder Mesa Mining Company model railroad, as well as original artworks, prints, cards, gadgets, doodads, miniatures and models. The Studio welcomes visitors by appointment, and on scheduled open studio days. Please see our Visit the Studio page for more details.

Featured Artwork

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone

Watercolor - 20x28"
Available at Thunder Mesa Studio. Contact the artist for details.