Track Plans

O Scale: 1:48 - 1/4" = 1'

• Overall size: 15.5'x 8.5' 

• Grid spacing: 12"

• Minimum radius: 15" at Geyser Gulch trestle

• Mainline ruling grade: 1% 

• Track: Peco On30 code 100

• Control: DCC ~ NCE Power Cab

• On30 track elevation: 52" - 53" above floor

• On18 mining tram: 57" - 58" above floor

Thunder Mesa Mining Co. ~ On30 Complete Plan

Revised 4/9/16

Here is the most up to date plan for the TMMC. The layout is being built in four sections with a wall mounted backdrop wrapping around three sides. Center aisle width is 36". Most track is on the level, with only a slight rise in elevation along the backstretch near Horse Thief Canyon.

An On18 mining tram, the Big Thunder and Calico, runs at a higher level between the Never Mine tunnel through Baxter's Butte and ore transfer bins near Hanging Rock.

A few changes to this plan were made when the layout was relocated to its new home at Thunder Mesa Studio, and more changes are on the way.  A new section along the left wall beyond Calico is in the works, plus a hidden staging area and a new riverfront scene over on the Thunder Mesa side. An updated plan will be posted in the near future.

The Evolution of Thunder Mesa

The TMMC started out as a very simple 3' x 6' scenic display with a loop of track. Here's how plans for expanding the layout have evolved over time.

On30, On18, 3/8n20, HO, and HOn30 Track Plans

Below are plans for other model railroads that were started or merely dreamed about. Some came before Thunder Mesa and some may yet be built. 

N Scale Track Plans

Before modeling in On30 or HO scale, I planned and built several layouts in N scale (1:160). Here are a few plans from the archives.