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How to use Crescent Creek Models Scale Stucco


New from Crescent Creek Models! Scale Stucco is a heavy bodied acrylic modeling paste ideal for recreating stucco wall finishes in miniature. In this video, Dave demonstrates the techniques for using this product to achieve a realistic stucco finish. Scale Stucco is available to order now in the Crescent Creek Models shop.

Scale Stucco – All Scales


New Park & Depot Benches from Crescent Creek Models

Walt's Bench is Here!

Crescent Creek Models' new Park & Depot Benches are now available to order. These classic wooden slat style benches are based on  none other than "Walt's Bench" from Griffith Park in Los Angelas - the very same bench where the old Moustro is said to have first dreamed up the idea for Disneyland as he sat eating peanuts and watching his daughters ride the carousel. These scale 8' long benches will look right at home on a depot platform, city park, or town square in just about any era.

Our O scale Park & Depot Benches feature an innovative design, making construction easier by allowing you to build the delicate seat and back assemblies right on the card. Follow along with the photos for a quick how-to, and watch the video below for a step-by-step build.

Step 1: Remove 3 back supports and 3 seat legs from the plywood sheet.

Step 2: Fit the seat legs to the seat slats by aligning with the slots on the basswood sheet and cement them into place.

Step 3: Remove the seat assembly from the basswood sheet and glue the front slat in place.

Step 4: Pass the 3 seat back supports thru their corresponding slots and cement in place.

Step 5: Remove the back assembly from the sheet and align with the seat assembly. The combined legs should form x-braces below the seat. Glue together when properly aligned.

Step 6: finish the bench by gluing the leg braces into their corresponding slots, front and back. Paint and finish as desired.

Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn Kit From Crescent Creek Models

In partnership with the Carolwood Foundation, Crescent Creek Models is thrilled to announce the O scale, premier edition of our Walt Disney's Carolwood Barn model kit. This video gives some history of Walt's Barn and the inspiration for these beautiful kits. The premier edition of 200 O scale kits are available for pre-order now and will ship in early fall 2019. Order yours now while supplies last!