Category: 2015 Videos

Thunder Mesa Video Log: Oct 31, 2015

It’s a Happy Haunted Halloween Video Log for the On30 Thunder Mesa Mining Company! Today we delve deep into the most terrifying topic in model railroading: Track Maintenance! See how the trains are kept running on the TMMC with a special focus on the use of NO-OX to improve conductivity. I don’t own the music sampled. Grim Grinning Ghosts © Disney, performed by Chris Calabrese and the Swingtips.

Thunder Mesa Video Log: Sept 30, 2015

Come along as we pay a visit to the outlaw hide out of Hanging Rock in this end of the month video update. There’s a little bit of scenery work, some structure building, rock carving and other shenanigans. It’s a quick and dirty update from the TMMC! Music for this video is performed by the O’Neil Brother’s Group.

First Train Through Coyote Canyon

Track laying and wiring through new sections of the railroad has been completed and here’s a quick sneak-peek at the first train running through Coyote Canyon. There’s no scenery here yet and the bridges are temporary, but soon this will be home to a dramatic gorge over 100 scale feet deep. Sampled music is from the original Disneyland television show, copyright © Disney.