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Thunder Cam: Horsethief Canyon


Howdy Folks! I’m documenting every scene on the layout in these short “Thunder Cam” videos. Each one features Thunder Mesa trains passing through scenes on a typical day (or night) of operations. Supplemental music and sounds have been added where appropriate, but all else is as it might appear on a visit to the layout. As new scenes are finished on the layout, these rail fan style videos will act as supplements to the builds and projects. The ultimate goal is to chronicle the entire layout over time.

This episode features one of my favorite rail-fanning spots on the layout: Horsethief Canyon. Enjoy!


Modeling a Slot Canyon


Return to Horse Thief Canyon! In this week’s vid, I get back to work on Thunder Mesa’s slot canyon after a long hiatus. Horse Thief Canyon was inspired by real places in the Colorado Plateau country like Antelope Canyon near Lake Powell. I model this deep, narrow canyon using sculpted layers of extruded polystyrene foam board finished with Sculptamold, spackle, and acrylic paints.

Thanks for watching, amigos!

A Thunder Mesa Excursion Special


All aboard for a Grand Circle Tour thru Nature's Wonderland on this Thunder Mesa Excursion Special! Enjoy the sights and sounds along the way as we explore the Living Desert, Geyser Gulch, Rainbow Caverns, Natural Arch Bridge and more. Stops at Calico, Tumbleweed, Los Feliz Jct, and Rainbow Ridge. Apologies in advance for some unfinished scenery and empty excursion cars. Thunder Mesa is always a work in progress!

Thanks for following along, amigos. Registered users can leave questions and comments below so, please, join in the conversation!

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