Making Etta’s Place with the Creality Falcon2 | Part 3


It's time to finish up our build of Etta's Place and work it into the overall scene on my On18 Bandit Canyon Ry. I also offer some final thoughts on the Creality Falcon2 22w Laser and its usefulness to the hobbyist. I was recently sent one of these diode laser machines for review and this is my third video ascertaining its value to my creative process and possibly yours. I'm very pleased with the way the structure has turned out and have no complaints about the general capabilities of the machine. I received the machine for review, but to be as objective as possible, I'm not accepting any compensation from the brand or its marketing partners. If you are shopping for a laser cutter, I hope this series of videos will help you to make a more informed decision.

Thanks for watching, amigos!


Creality Falcon2: Coupon code: Falcon50($310 Off)
Creality Products Collection:

Making Etta's Place Part 1:
Making Etta's Place part 2:
Designing Laser Cut Structures with Adobe Illustrator:

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