Making Etta’s Place with the Creality Falcon2 | Part 1


Fun with lasers! I've been provided with a new Creality Falcon2 22w Laser Cutter/Engraver for review and put it right to work on a new structure build. I wanted to see if I could get the same quality laser cut parts from this lower cost machine that I've become accustomed to with my 50w Co2 laser cutter. Follow along as I take "Etta's Place" from a rough sketch to a stack of precision parts ready to build! Along the way, we'll cover design software like Adobe Illustrator and the Lightburn laser driver. Over the next couple videos, I'll be documenting the entire process using this machine and giving you my honest assessment of it as a useful tool for hobbyists.

Note: The honeycomb, stainless steel consumables, roller, and protective cover are NOT INCLUDED with the Creality Falcon2 as it comes "In the Box." I'm informed they are available to be purchased separately at the Creality website. Links below. I apologize for any confusion. The actual purchased product details are subject to the standard "In the Box" provided on the official Creality website.

Thanks for watching, amigos!

Creality Falcon2: Coupon code: Falcon50($310 Off)

Creality Products Collection:


Designing Laser Cut Structures with Adobe Illustrator:

Quick Tip on Laser Cutting Materials:


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