A Haunted Hoedown | Sound and Special Effects for Gruesome Gulch | GGRR 22


It's special effects time! In this installment of the Gruesome Gulch build, I install a pair of Pricom Dream Players with custom soundtracks from Fantasonics Engineering. Then it's time to add, lights, motion, and a UV illuminated set to the final scene in Cadaver Caverns. I use the old reliable "Pepper's Ghost" effect to bring an otherworldly western town to back to life with a cast of ghostly characters. It may not be a swingin' wake, but it's definitely a Haunted Hoedown!

Thanks for watching, amigos!

Many thanks to Jim Wells and Fantasonics Engineering: http://www.fantasonics.com/
Pricom Designs Dream Players and amps: https://pricom.com/audio/players.shtml
Tang Band speakers: https://www.parts-express.com/Tang-Band-T1-2025SC-1-5-8-Full-Range-Speaker-Module-264-939?quantity=1

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