The Helldorado Mine | Gruesome Gulch | GGRR 19


It's time to build the Helldorado Mine - a mine so deep it goes all the way to... well, Hell-dorado! This latest addition the On30 Gruesome Gulch mini-layout features a compact "gallows style" head frame connected to a semi-collapsed mine shaft that goes right down through Cadaver Caverns. The mine is weathered and detailed to look abandoned, but there may be more here than meets the eye!

Thanks for watching, amigos!

2 thoughts on “The Helldorado Mine | Gruesome Gulch | GGRR 19

  1. I have recently purchased the HO Last Chance Gas Station kit. According to the directions I should apply scale stucco to the building to make it realistic. But where can I purchase a bottle of your scale stucco? Your website says that it is out of stock. Will this product be available in the near future? I very much want to complete this model as described in the directions. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Joe, Scale Stucco is acrylic modeling paste by a different name. You can get a tube or jar of acrylic modeling paste from any good art supply outlet like Blick Art Materials. It will work exactly the same. You can also find it on Amazon.

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