The Maggie Mine | Calico Boomtown 8


Sometimes you gotta change things up! This is a little story of the mine that moved – from Hanging Rock to the boomtown of Calico. I built the mine back in 2019 but recently decided that I like it better in a different spot. In this video, I show how I blended the model into the town of Calico and added a few more details to turn it from a background model into a foreground model.

Thanks for watching, amigos!

Polyurethane Carving Foam:

One thought on “The Maggie Mine | Calico Boomtown 8

  1. In the early 70’s before the Maggie mine tunnels (addits) were blocked off, I spent a week exploring the mine which included at least five levels and didn’t even make a dent in my explore. The Maggie is massive with large ore chutes you could crawl through to reach a different level. There are giant galleries dug out in different areas that dwarfed our team and amazing cribbing throughout the mine. I’ve explored many other mines since but none came close to being as spectacular as the Maggie

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