Building a Haunted Saloon | Gruesome Gulch Pt 13


As the sun sinks in the west, all is quiet at the Dead Eye Saloon in Gruesome Gulch. Or is it? Legend has it that ol’ Dead Eye Dan was cut down by a coward’s bullet through the upstairs window (you can still see the bullet hole in the glass). And now, on moonlit nights like this, Dan’s restless spirit is rumored to haunt the dilapidated saloon still, plotting his terrible vengeance.

It’s time for another spooky structure build for the On30 Gruesome Gulch layout! This time, it’s the notorious Dead Eye Saloon – said to be haunted by the restless spirit of ol’ Dead Eye Dan himself! The Saloon features a simple animated ghost effect that makes Dan appear to drift by the broken down butterfly doors every 3 minutes or so. Follow along as I build the structure from the ground up, including the motorized mechanism for making the ghost appear. Stay tuned for even more from Gruesome Gulch coming soon!

Thanks for watching, amigos!

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