Race to the Finish Line: GGRR Part 11


Time’s up on my On30 Gruesome Gulch mini-layout! Here is the mad dash to the finish line in the final week before my self-imposed deadline of October 29th (Halloween weekend). Though I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to over the past 4 months, I did managed to get the layout to a level of finish that makes it presentable to the public. In this video I add the layout fascia, build some mock-ups to stand in for yet-to-be-completed structures, and detail the front side of the layout with ground cover, ballast, weeds, shrubs and some 3-d printed details. with a few spooky lighting effects! Realistically, I could have used another 4 months to get everything done that I had planned – like the elaborate underground scenes on the backside of the layout, but all of that will have to wait for a future series of videos on the GGRR. Until then, thanks for following along.

Happy Halloween, amigos!


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