The Legend of Coyote Rock


Thunder Mesa Country is full of legends and tall tales. And no wonder. They say if you’re out in that desert heat too long you’re likely to start seeing all kinds of crazy things in those colorful rock formations! Today we have the story of Coyote Rock, both the tall tale behind it, and modeling methods used to put the scene together. Inspired be a real Coyote Rock in Sedona, AZ, as well as by the 1945 Disney short of the same name, Thunder Mesa’s Coyote Rock was carved from polyurethane foam and painted with artists acrylics.

Thanks for watching, amigos!

One thought on “The Legend of Coyote Rock

  1. GREAT DAVE!! Not only does it resemble a Coyote howling. It also resembles Wile Coyote’s head in profile with one bent ear being the howling Coyotes back and tail. You got two Coyotes in one.

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