On18 Bobber Caboose


Let’s build a tiny bobber caboose for my On18 Big Thunder & Calico mining tram! On18 uses N scale mechanisms and other components to model this common industrial railway gauge in 1:48, O scale. The results of this scale/gauge mashup can often be rather whimsical and filled with unique character. For this project, I use a readily available Bachmann N scale “shorty” caboose as a starting point for an original design, inspired by the homebuilt logging and mining bobbers of the late 19th century. I demonstrate my methods for a road-worn, weathered paint finish, along with wood construction and car roofing techniques.

Thanks for watching, amigos!

2 thoughts on “On18 Bobber Caboose

  1. Lovely On18 Caboose. You have not only produced a beautiful caboose, but have also provided inspiration and techniques for others to follow. Thanks!

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