Thunder Mesa Limited Podcast Ep 2-01: Jason Jenson

The Thunder Mesa Limited Podcast is back! We’re kicking off season 2 chatting with the amazingly talented Jason Jenson of Jason Jenson Trains. We cover everything from HO scale freelancing and science fiction modeling, to choosing projects and avoiding burnout.

Thanks for listening, amigos!

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3 thoughts on “Thunder Mesa Limited Podcast Ep 2-01: Jason Jenson

  1. I’m a frequent viewer (student?) of both of your channels, and I’m enjoying the “what if” style of modeling versus the prototype approach! Jason’s comment about going to Disney and never getting on a ride, just walking around studying details! Even at 62 years old, when I think of Disney in Florida, I think instantly about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! All the mining artifacts that surround the ride are a source of endless looking and imagining for me! Thanks to both of you for the class product you provide us!

  2. Great podcast Dave! As a fan of both your websites its interesting to see how your careers and intrests parallel each other. I like how you approach the layouts with creativity and imagination.

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