Thunder Mesa Limited Ep 12: James A Powell

Model Maker and themed entertainment professional James A. Powell joins us for the final episode of the Thunder Mesa Limited’s 1st season. Our talk covers everything from Malcolm Furlow’s San Juan Central, to Magic Wheelchairs, to dream projects and the joys of making.

4 thoughts on “Thunder Mesa Limited Ep 12: James A Powell

  1. Have followed you for several years now. Enjoying you take on modeling. Thanks for sharing. Life 0937 Life NMRA. Snowy Range RR a Wyoming Tourist Line in On30

  2. What happened to your podcast?
    Podcasts let everyone enjoy all your great information while doing anything else.
    I love your video but it requires that we have to set time aside and sit down and watch. This is not so easy for most people.
    The podcast is very important since we can learn and enjoy while attending to many other activities. PLEASE bring your podcast back.

    1. The Thunder Mesa Limited Podcast will return in late March. Thanks for listening!

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