Puerto Borracho Open House


I travel to California to hangout with friends and see four amazing small layouts they've been working on. Featured in this video are Gary Beatty's On30 Puerto Borracho, Robert Kurner's On30 Typhoon Lagoon Ry, Scott Carter's On30 Cinnamon Creek Railroad, and the On30/On18 Punta Margarita. Many, many thanks to Gary Beatty and his family for hosting this event! A good time was had by all!

Thanks for tuning in, amigos!

2 thoughts on “Puerto Borracho Open House

  1. Thanks Dave was going to go but had a schedule conflict with work. Great to see the layouts! After seeing these and yours Im getting inspiration to start my long planned layout the Vulcania Central. Based on Disney’s 20,000 leagues.

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