TML Podcast Episode 1: Jake Johnson

Welcome to the very first episode of the Thunder Mesa Limited Podcast. Join us as we talk with former Walt Disney Imagineering Senior Dimensional Designer Jake Johnson about his time in the Disney Model Shop, riding on the movie Tombstone, building miniature sets for Robot Chicken and so much more!

9 thoughts on “TML Podcast Episode 1: Jake Johnson

  1. Awesome podcast! I enjoyed the entire soirée! I am really looking forward to a model
    of the Bird Cage! We visited it in Tombstone 40 years ago and I’ve always wished someone would produce a kit of it. Looking forward to visiting Thunder Mesa this Sunday 👍🏼

    1. Thanks for listening, Greg! Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Speaking of the Birdcage, I’ll have something to show you on Sunday 😉

  2. Really enjoyed the pod- took me back to my early modelling in my youth. As an LA live steamer and avowed multi scale modeler, I get a tremendous amount of inspiration from pro modelers and kit producers. I am anxious to check out your shop and jump in on a carolwood barn kit. Looking forward to your next episode.

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