New Fence at the Circle D

Circle D Ranch got a new section of fence today, along with ballast for the tracks and a start on the ground cover and landscaping. The fence is what's known as an Arkansas Split Rail, but they are also very common in Colorado and Utah. I've always wanted to model one. The ground cover is sandy soil from around Moab, UT and will dry a couple of shades lighter than what is shown here where it is still wet with diluted white glue. Meanwhile, Thunder Mesa's horticulture department is just getting started on the landscaping.

The Problem with Facebook
This post is part of an ongoing attempt to relocate material from Facebook to this website. Unfortunately, Facebook continues to engage in a wide variety of highly unethical practices which I have no desire to support. If you are a fan of my art and/or modeling, please follow them here. I will be posting much more here in the days and weeks ahead, and much, much less on Facebook. Registered users can leave questions and comments on posts so please, join in the conversation!

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