Track Plans

O Scale: 1:48 - 1/4" = 1'

• Overall size: 15.5'x 8.5' 

• Grid spacing: 12"

• Minimum radius: 15" at Geyser Gulch trestle

• Mainline ruling grade: 1% 

• Track: Peco On30 code 100

• Control: DCC ~ NCE Power Cab

• On30 track elevation: 52" - 53" above floor

• On18 mining tram: 57" - 58" above floor

Thunder Mesa Mining Co. ~ On30 Complete Plan

Revised 4/9/16

Here is the most up to date plan for the TMMC. The layout is being built in four sections with a wall mounted backdrop wrapping around three sides. Center aisle width is 36". Most track is on the level, with only a slight rise in elevation along the backstretch near Horse Thief Canyon.

An On18 mining tram, the Big Thunder and Calico, runs at a higher level between the Never Mine tunnel through Baxter's Butte and ore transfer bins near Hanging Rock.

A few changes to this plan were made when the layout was relocated to its new home at Thunder Mesa Studio, and more changes are on the way.  A new section along the left wall beyond Calico is in the works, plus a hidden staging area and a new riverfront scene over on the Thunder Mesa side. An updated plan will be posted in the near future.

The Evolution of Thunder Mesa

The TMMC started out as a very simple 3' x 6' scenic display with a loop of track. Here's how plans for expanding the layout have evolved over time.

On30, On18, HO, and HOn30 Track Plans

Below are plans for other model railroads that were started or merely dreamed about. Some came before Thunder Mesa and some may yet be built. 

N Scale Track Plans

Before modeling in On30 or HO scale, I planned and built several layouts in N scale (1:160). Here are a few plans from the archives.