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Thunder Mesa Video Log: Oct 31, 2015

It’s a Happy Haunted Halloween Video Log for the On30 Thunder Mesa Mining Company! Today we delve deep into the most terrifying topic in model railroading: Track Maintenance! See how the trains are kept running on the TMMC with a special focus on the use of NO-OX to improve conductivity. I don’t own the music sampled. Grim Grinning Ghosts © Disney, performed by Chris Calabrese and the Swingtips.

First Train Through Coyote Canyon

Track laying and wiring through new sections of the railroad has been completed and here’s a quick sneak-peek at the first train running through Coyote Canyon. There’s no scenery here yet and the bridges are temporary, but soon this will be home to a dramatic gorge over 100 scale feet deep. Sampled music is from the original Disneyland television show, copyright © Disney.