New “How To” Video Series Launches with Scenery Building Techniques

Since I'm often asked about the scenery and structure techniques used on the Thunder Mesa Ming Company and other projects, I've decided to produce a new series of YouTube videos with a step-by-step, "how-to" focus. Welcome to the first two videos in that new series, "How To #1: How to Build Scenery with EPF and Sculptamold" and "How To #2: How to Paint Rockwork and Add Ground Cover."  These video brings together both new and existing footage to show scenery building and finishing techniques, and to answer the most common questions about how things are done on the On30 Thunder Mesa Mining Company layout. There are several more "How To" videos in this series on the way so don't forget to subscribe on YouTube. Thanks for watching!


One thought on “New “How To” Video Series Launches with Scenery Building Techniques

  1. Wonderful videos, Dave! As a lifelong fan of Disney’s “Natures Wonderland” and Knott’s “Calico Mine Train,” I’ve been following the TMMC since the beginning on RR-L Forums and on the blog. I look forward to seeing the TMMC some day. Keep up the good work. Oh, and my wife loves the artwork we ordered earlier. Thanks. Steve

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