Month: May 2016

Doubleheader at Big Thunder Creek

Just a quick 40 seconds of geeky train goodness with Thunder Mesa Mining Company locomotives doubleheading a train of ore cars over Big Thunder Creek. Love the Tsunami sound in these little Bachmann Porters and if you listen close you can also hear the background sounds of the creek and Frontierland music loop.

Sam Towler’s Nature’s Wonderland Model

Sam Towler’s amazing model of Disneyland’s Mine Train Thru Nature’s Wonderland attraction filmed at the 2016 Railroad Days Celebration in Fullerton, CA. This fantastic On30 model railroad was the hit of the show and lovingly recreates this long lost Disney attraction in elaborate, often animated, detail – right down to the themed trashcans! Enjoy.

Inside Rainbow Caverns

A trip through Rainbow Caverns on the On30 Thunder Mesa Mining Company model railroad. This is just a preview of some of the ultraviolet lighting effects working so far at Staircase Falls and Rainbow Falls. More scenes are planned at the Crystal Grotto, Bottomless Pit, and Color Changing Pools. Stay tuned!

The Thunder Mesa Mining Co. So Far

Please enjoy this video tour of my On30 Thunder Mesa Mining Company layout as it has evolved and grown over the passed 4 years. What started as a simple 3’x6′ display now occupies a footprint of more than 15’x9′ and continues to grow with new scenes, structures, rolling stock, and special effects being added all the time. The music used is by the great Louis Armstrong and is not owned by me. Thanks for watching.